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Do you enjoy traveling? Love taking pictures? Do beautiful landscapes, nature and the animal world hold you in thrall? If your answer to these questions is yes – you’re in the right place. Whether you occasionally snap a shot with a simple device, or you are a committed, semi-professional photographer with an SLR camera, we have the offer that’s just right for you. Our photo tours are always guided by renowned photographers.

Airport Parking Airport Zürich

Drive there - hand over your keys - fly away!

  • Simply drive to Check-in 2 at Zurich Airport by car. Park your car in front of Check-in 2.
  • Unload your cases.
  • Go to the desk of «airportparking», hand over your keys and proceed to flight check-in.
  • While you are away, your car will be parked on the «airportparking» car park in Kloten / Glattbrugg.
  • When you return, you simply collect your keys from the «airportparking» desk.
  • Your car will be waiting for you on one of the parking spaces of «airportparking» in the Zurich Airport parking deck, so that you can easily load your cases and just drive home.

No shuttle, no unnecessary waiting times!

Our Travel Guarantee

Your Financial Protection

Since early 2010 we are a member of Swiss Travel Association of Retailers (STAR) as well as of Swiss Travel Security. Your advantages:

  • The money you have paid for your trip as well as the return is secured in case of an operator’s insolvency
  • Individual and personalized advisory services
  • Serious, reliable and continuously tested business partners

IATA Accredited Agent

As of March 2011 Crew Travel Inc. is member of IATA.


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